Are you interested to allocate parts of your wealth into physical precious metals and do you have on top of that special needs and requirements?

Then I recommend you contact me directly.

I will put to your profit the long-standing experience I have in buying, selling and storing precious metals securely outside of the banking system in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Whether you are :

  • An institutional client,
  • A HNWI or UHNWI,
  • Or a retail customer,

I can put at your disposal my carefully-selected network of trustworthy partners which I have been working with extensively over the years. I can advise on the best players, the appropriate terms, and the necessary safeguards. I am able to guide you through your buying, selling and storing physical bullion under your direct and unencumbered ownership.

I put particular attention to the little details, making sure your metals and safe are always accessible to you, particularly in a harsh crisis scenario.

As I have made clear in the About page, I am personally convinced the next crisis will have a debilitating impact on the banking system. Therefore, I have only selected partners that are self-financed, and storage facilities that rely on private, Triple-A, High-Security vaults, fully insured and regularly audited.

Switzerland and Liechtenstein are the only two jurisdictions left where the power of the State and its politicians is extremely limited, therefore offering the best protection when it comes to private property rights. To avoid confiscation, whether through outright violence or monetary inflation, hard assets stored outside of the banking system are definitely the prudent choice.

Your precious metals, fully allocated, fully private and stored in Switzerland outside of the banking system, can be picked up physically at anytime directly at the vault. Alternatively, on your order it can be sold, or even shipped anywhere in the world (pursuant to the destination country’s possible restrictions).

Do not hesitate to contact me; my initial consultations are free and without obligation.

Gold is money, everything else is credit. Because gold is money, you cannot eat it; you use it to buy food, or anything else. (J.P. Morgan, paraphrased).