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Precious Metal Advisory in Switzerland.


I have been advising HNWIs for over a decade on the best strategies to preserve wealth. In this era of debilitating central economic planning and monetary inflation, this has involved buying and storing physical gold and silver bullion, in full privacy, outside of the banking system, in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. No one knows the future …

Wealth Preservation

Are you interested to allocate part of your wealth into the only form of money that cannot be inflated away? I have been advising HNWIs and institutional clients for over a decade; I can help you select the best partners, and negotiate the right terms.

Storage Outside of the Banking System
Refined and Assayed in Switzerland
Trusted Partners at Competitive Rates

Get in Touch

To get started, let me know a little bit about your situation. What are your specific concerns? What type of bullion are you looking to own? What is your country of residence? What holding timeframe do you have in mind? Etc.

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