“We don’t have to behead the king if we can just ignore him” – Claudio Grass

“Negative interest rates are unsustainable and once investors decide to stop paying for the privilege of holding government debt, a banking crisis could result, says James Grant.”

Returning SBTV guest, Claudio Grass, speaks with us about the unsustainable pensions, crumbling fiat currencies and a looming financial crisis in a world of insane central bank monetary policies.

Discussed in this interview:

01:31 A looming global recession ahead?

06:47 Money printing by central banks at its limits

08:18 Governments and central banks are out of control

11:14 Pensions are not sustainable especially with negative interest rates

15:46 No bright future for the dollar and euro

24:03 Lack of gold backing: Cause of economic woes

26:58 Digital world can offer freedom away from centralization

28:50 Prioritize hard assets to protect wealth


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