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If the precious metals markets are manipulatively suppressed lower as many allege (and as court records and other sources document with evidence), one of the questions many often raise is why would China allow this to occur?

Many look at the developments with the Yuan (such as the creation of the PetroYuan, its possible use as a reserve currency, and the launching of a Yuan-backed precious metals contract) as well as the large amounts of gold that China continues to accumulate, and wonder why they would allow the prices to be suppressed lower.

Yet a recent article from the Russia Times titled, “US paper gold suppression allowing Russia & China to buy real gold at discount prices” explained my understanding of what’s occurring rather succinctly.

“Efforts by the US to suppress gold prices in order to prop up the dollar are allowing Russia and China to build up huge reserves of physical gold by purchasing large quantities of the precious metal at significantly lower prices.”

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