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A “Swiss Conversation” with Frank R Suess, Founding Partner and Chairman of BFI Capital Group in Switzerland and Claudio Grass

The world has already changed, arguably irreversibly, but the full effects of the extreme political, fiscal and monetary measures that were enforced during the covid crisis are not yet entirely apparent. What we can say for sure though, is that even though this is a global crisis, its impact is not evenly distributed. Some jurisdictions pose far greater dangers to individuals and their private property than others.

As we do not know how individual governments will proceed in the future and what desperate and aggressive measures they could resort to in their efforts to deal with their record debt levels, it is clear that private property, individual savings, investments and wealth are under threat. It thus more important than ever to discuss options that focus on such scenarios, of accelerated financial repression and state overreach.

The aim of this interview is to give you an introduction to the thinking and the track record of Frank Suess and BFI Capital. The focus is on Switzerland, as a uniquely attractive and stable jurisdiction, and on the associated expertise and specialized services of the entire Group. BFI Capital has a long history of successfully helping international clients transfer assets to this historically secure jurisdiction, by creating efficient and fully compliant structures and strategies that limit risk and take into account specific, individual investment needs and goals.

Their recently published report, “On the brink of a new era.. Are you prepared?”, does an excellent job of outlining in-depth the main challenges that investors will have to deal with in the coming months and years, while it also provides a concrete framework of solutions and key strategic considerations. Many of the issues that the report explores are particularly relevant to American investors and the specific threats and burdens they face. For all those interested in these topics, a brief introduction is available below with the link to the full report.

Please feel free to contact BFI Capital Group and Frank Suess and his team directly with any questions. These are indeed unprecedented times, but do not let fear and uncertainty paralyze you. Now is the time to act, to prepare, and to examine all available options.

For freedom and for our private property as the basis of a free social order.

Claudio Grass

Please click here to Download the BFI Special Report:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Picture Source: BFI and Claudio Grass

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