Claudio Grass and Jeff Deist on Whether Switzerland can Save the World – Mises Institute

Switzerland is no libertarian paradise. It has bureaucrats and a wayward central bank. But it remains an astonishing modern example of the principles of federalism and subsidiarity in action. In fact, it exemplifies Lew Rockwell’s daydream: nobody much knows or cares who is president. Its federal administrative state demonstrates humility instead of hubris. And virtually all political decisions, from taxes to welfare to immigration, are decided locally. Claudio Grass joins Jeff Deist to discuss what libertarians can learn from Switzerland, and how neutrality in two disastrous European wars shapes Swiss DNA today.


Investment Conference 2017 with investment conference – Precious Metals as your Monetary Insurance

2hWealthcare Investment Conference 2017 with Naomi Prins
Precious Metals as your Monetary Insurance, Buckinghamshire, March 2017

Short introduction about how money came into existence, the origin of the banking system and boom bust cycles. Overview about Gold in general and China in particular. The big geopolitical shift we are going through right now and why physical precious metals still act as the monetary insurance.


Claudio Grass: We See Already So Many Cracks In The System

Last week, Claudio Grass, Managing Director at Global Gold Switzerland, was interviewed by Bubba over at The topics in this fascinating interview range from central banking monetary policies, the refugees crisis, libertarian issues, and political trends. In this article, we highlight 8 questions/answers, and we recommend readers to download the interview (bottom of this article) …