Das Internet – die dezentrale (R)Evolution

(If you want to read this text in English, please use www.deepl.com – a great translation tool that uses language semantics.) Menschen werden durch unterschiedliche Motive angetrieben. Die einen sehen das höchste Glück in der Ansammlung von materiellen Werten, und andere sind von geistigen Werten angetrieben. Eine Idee kann genauso wie eine Rolex Glücksgefühle und …

Investing in crypto the sound way!

Interview with Christian Zulliger I have long been fascinated by the far-reaching consequences and the great potential of the wave of new technologies and ideas that emerged with the crypto revolution. While most of us first came into contact with these concepts in 2017, this tectonic shift that is only just beginning has been in …

“We don’t have to behead the king if we can just ignore him” – Claudio Grass

“Negative interest rates are unsustainable and once investors decide to stop paying for the privilege of holding government debt, a banking crisis could result, says James Grant.”

Returning SBTV guest, Claudio Grass, speaks with us about the unsustainable pensions, crumbling fiat currencies and a looming financial crisis in a world of insane central bank monetary policies.

Discussed in this interview:

01:31 A looming global recession ahead?

06:47 Money printing by central banks at its limits

08:18 Governments and central banks are out of control

11:14 Pensions are not sustainable especially with negative interest rates

15:46 No bright future for the dollar and euro

24:03 Lack of gold backing: Cause of economic woes

26:58 Digital world can offer freedom away from centralization

28:50 Prioritize hard assets to protect wealth


Is it platinum’s time to shine?

Even with seasoned precious metals investors, it is often the case that platinum gets overlooked, while gold and silver dominate the conversation over which metal affords the best long-term protection of one’s wealth. Nevertheless, platinum has proved to be an excellent store of value, while it also offers a number of interesting advantages as a …


“In fact, it is easier for governments to control the spending of people in debt than those with savings. A person with financial resources is free, while debtors are hostage to their creditors.” H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein   The rare resilience and the economic and strategic prowess of the Principality of Liechtenstein have elevated …