Swiss stocking up on gold!

How planning ahead and preparing for what lies ahead is a lesson everyone needs to learn   Over the last couple of months, it has become clear from conversations with friends and partners from the gold industry that there is a marked increase in retail demand for physical gold from Swiss investors. The most interesting thing …

Death knell tolls for the euro as more European nations repatriate gold – expert to RT

The latest trend among European countries of bringing home their gold reserves has been raising concerns in Brussels. RT talked to Claudio Grass of Precious Metal Advisory Switzerland to understand what’s behind that trend. According to Grass, the process means disintegration, which usually comes with instability, unrest, more government intervention and control. “The central banks …

Responsa Liberta & Claudio Grass about decentralization and alternative currencies – German/Deutsch

Auf der Internationalen Edelmetall- und Rohstoffmesse Anfang November 2017 in München haben wir mit Claudio Grass (, unabhängiger Berater im Bereich Edelmetalle, über das Thema Währungen gesprochen.

Wie schätzt er Gold und die derzeit viel diskutierten Kryptowaehrungen ein? Und welche Vorteile sieht er in dezentralen Systemen wie der Schweiz?

In Zusammenhang mit aktuellen Entwicklungen bzgl. EU und Euro wird auch das Thema Internationalisierung von Kapital und Ersparnissen immer wieder diskutiert. Wir haben Claudio Grass auch um seine Ansicht zu Finanzplätzen außerhalb der EU wie beispielsweise Schweiz und Liechtenstein gebeten. Mehr zu seiner Einschätzung im folgenden Video-Interview:




Claudio Grass and Jeff Deist on Whether Switzerland can Save the World – Mises Institute

Switzerland is no libertarian paradise. It has bureaucrats and a wayward central bank. But it remains an astonishing modern example of the principles of federalism and subsidiarity in action. In fact, it exemplifies Lew Rockwell’s daydream: nobody much knows or cares who is president. Its federal administrative state demonstrates humility instead of hubris. And virtually all political decisions, from taxes to welfare to immigration, are decided locally. Claudio Grass joins Jeff Deist to discuss what libertarians can learn from Switzerland, and how neutrality in two disastrous European wars shapes Swiss DNA today.