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The post-covid years have brought about an unquestionable acceleration and intensification in the attacks against the Western value system, against basic Enlightenment ideas and principles and against the pillars of the very civilization that gave us all the liberties, the rule of law and the justice system that we enjoy today (or used to enjoy until fairly recently at least).

All-important and self-evident ideas like the concept of meritocracy, individual liberty, freedom of speech and free competition have all been painted as selfish, as misanthropic and shameful by those who wish to destroy the Western way of life. The enemies of Reason have long been trying to replace these values with all kinds of twisted notions, under the guise of “social justice”. 

Whatever linguistic contortions they employ to hide their true aims, make no mistake: the goal is always coercive redistribution of wealth and the mission is to achieve not equality of opportunity, but equality of outcome. This is the only way they would get their chance to shine, after all. Not by merit, not by wit and certainly not through hard work, but by bringing down anyone better to meet them at their level. 

It is no surprise, of course, that force and coercion are absolutely necessary for any of these toxic ideas to be actually enforced. Nothing that is so antithetical to human nature be implemented otherwise. Perhaps this is why the pandemic was such a catalyst for this madness to proliferate and to take root. Those that support it clearly saw how malleable and how obedient the general public can be, if threatened. If they agree to lock themselves up, to get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs, to allow their own children to participate in that circus in order not to be shamed and ostracized, what else are they willing to comply with? 

It is also no wonder that statists of all stripes are so eager to adopt and support “social justice” arguments and policies. What better way to control people, suppress dissent and centralize power even further than wrapping authoritarianism in flag of virtue and marketing as essential to the “greater good”? Surely, only a psychopath would be opposed to ideas like “equality” or “solidarity”!  In the article that follows, Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo, one of my favorite thinkers and one of the most eloquent writers I have ever come across, elegantly and rationally outlines the perversion of logic that underlines the “social justice” ideological plague and the many dangers that come with it.  

Claudio Grass, Hünenberg See, Switzerland.

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